Leather Skirt

If you want to be stylish, trendy, and dressed in a sexy way there is nothing better than a leather skirt! A perfectly leather skirt radiates in no strength, femininity and self-confidence. The leather pants, leather accessories, leather tops and especially the leather skirt celebrate each new season with their fashion revival. However, the leather skirt is no longer just an autumn classic. Thanks to the new colours, detail and variety of cuts, a stylish leather skirt is fashionable every season!

Leather Skirt: How it all began

The leather skirt is one of the oldest garments of humanity. Already 10,000 years ago, the Stone Age people are used leather goods. Despite this long history of the leather skirt, today it is still more current than any other piece of clothing. In the 80s, the leather skirt then experienced a fashion comeback. Since then he has firmly established itself in the fashion world. The designers do not want to give up their beloved leather skirt. For each collection – whether spring, summer, autumn, or winter collection – they interpret and stage the new leather classic. Thus, the leather skirt was slowly but surely became a fashion symbol.

The leather skirt shows its colours

The leather skirt is hides no longer only behind boring natural earth tones such as beige, brown or black. Who wants to engage in summer or spring, he can use blue and yellow, warm red or green colours, which are a trend for summer leather skirt. When the colour trend pieces is often resorted to soft suede because it acts casual and not so much shine. Such a leather skirt made of suede is also suitable for everyday wear and flatters the figure. Particularly popular is a leather skirt that is decorated with fringe. During the cooler seasons, the designers present mostly soft lambskin leather skirts.

Whether old classics or the latest trends – everything looks suddenly wrapped in leather from the same even hipper. With classic styling, it may still go a little earthy. In addition, often you can see with the leather skirt in miniature made of leather or in the knee-length version.